Deadlands City of Oro

This repo contains information on the Deadlands campaign that I am running set in the City of Oro. As more information is learned by the players, I will add that information to the master branch.

Oro City

Fear Level: 3

Theme: Gold Boomtown gone bust, silver town on the rise.

Oro City is currently a small town about four days travel west south west of Denver. In the 1860’s a large placer gold discovery was made and a town quickly grew up as more prospectors flocked to the region. In a handful of months there were about 10,000 residents in the area. Placer mining is the mining of a stream bead for minerals. You can find more about it here. Unfortunately the richest deposits have been exhausted and most drifted away. In the 1870’s it was determined that the heavy brown sand that made the placer mining difficult was a lead based mineral called cerussite(Cerussite is a lead based crystal. More can be found here.) and that the sand also contained a lot of silver. This lead to a silver boom, but most people moved to a new town further down the river. Now the town is down to just over 300 souls as the last of the ore runs out and the fear grows.





Rules Updates for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

Map of Oro City

Oro City